Ted has presented many inspirational speeches to business, community and school groups.  His message of encouragement and hope has been well received.

“We are very blessed to have someone with such a story and so much to give come to our school.”

                                                                            - Arcola Community School, October 2013

“I cannot thank you enough for coming out to be a part of Campbell's very first We Day celebration. You were the perfect man to speak at our event and really struck a chord with the students. Long into the afternoon, and even into tonight, people have been marvelling over your incredible story. You have motivated the student body to adopt the me-to-we thinking philosophy and inspired everyone to make a difference. I cannot thank you enough for doing that.”

                                                                             - Campbell High School, October 2013

"On behalf of the Small and Medium Enterprises Directorate, we would like to thank you for your presentation as our evening guest speaker at the joint Underground Economy/Workload Development National Conference that took place June 16-19, 2008 in Saint-Adèle, Québec. Your story was inspirational and thought provoking and by all accounts very well received by the participants in attendance. It is through individual effort such as you have displayed that a conference can be measured as a success. Based on comments received from the participants and the standing ovation you received at the conclusion of your speech, we believe that you had a positive impact on each and every one in attendance and we thank you for that."

- Canada Revenue Agency

"Delegates were treated to an amazing, uplifting story of triumph through unbelievable circumstances. Mr. Ted Jaleta, world renowned distance runner, presented to delegates about the importance of healthy lifestyles and fitness. The harrowing story of Mr. Jaleta's flee from Ethiopia, immigration to Canada, struggle to fit into Canadian culture and finally, his success at international long distance running, had delegates completely enraptured."

“From there, Mr. Jaleta travelled to Silverwood Heights Elementary School in Saskatoon to speak to the Grades 6, 7 and 8 students. Again, all eyes were on him and the students asked many questions about his life in Ethiopia. Following his presentation, he took the students on a run around the school grounds."

- Saskatchewan Medical Association News Digest, January 2008

" 'Never give up' is a mantra for inspiring speaker

Ted Jaleta's personal life story is one we all should hear about."

"Great! Really put things into perspective and emphasized the importance of a positive attitude and approach."

"Makes us realize our troubles are minor."

"Excellent! He sends a strong message and is a great role model."

"Good choice for an inspirational speaker! It’s always good to have a reality check every once in awhile on how lucky we are in living in Alberta/Canada and not to give up on our own dreams, however small or big they really are." - ARC Resources Limited

“We were all uplifted by hearing your message and by reflecting on how you’ve come through with such an incredible positive attitude.”



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